1. More comprehensive or transcending; 2. Denoting something of a higher kind; 3. Situated behind or beyond

1. Latin-based word, literally golden, from aurum gold; 2. Symbolizing the “golden ratio” (divine proportion), or “golden number”- a natural number or pattern found all over nature. In other words, a term that symbolizes a “Mirror of the Fundamental Structure of Reality (aka a “Digital Twin“).



METAUREUS is a 3D & XR (VR, AR, MR) Turnkey Agency specialized in providing full solutions to present, market & sell Architectural, Interior Design, and Real Estate Projects.

We have firmed solid partnerships with different 3D & XR Studios, representing their services in the US and abroad while developing and deploying innovative & cutting-edge visualization technologies.



Our scope of services include

3D Renderings, conventional CG (Computer Graphics) 360° Panoramas, 3D  (‘Passive’) Animations (Walk-Throughs & Fly-Throughs), plus our most exclusive & innovative presentation products…

META 360® – 360° Dynamic & Interactive (Fully Online) Panoramas

META IMMERSION® – XR (VR, AR, MR) Presentations via our exclusive “AAA Video Game-like” KEY-OSK® (or XR Glasses).

By using our innovative META 360® and META IMMERSION® Presentation Technologies, users can now freely interact & navigate through projects in real time.

Users/clients can experience it either through 360° dynamic & interactive panoramic views (online), or by fully navigating and interacting with virtual environments – like in First-Person video games*

*In both cases, users/clients are able to choose among different options of building materials (floor, facades, cabinets, walls, ceiling, roof), appliances, fixtures (handles, ceiling fans), lighting (sun positions, artificial lights), furniture, decoration, and colors (walls, ceiling) in all the scenes – both indoors or outdoors.



METAUREUS counts with 16+ years of experience from the Architect, Consultant, and 3D Designer Moses Silbiger through his former companies Integral Look & 3D2go!

Together with our partners Visualize Company, Wizzia, Thiago Brenner Architecture, and others, we’ve attended various renowned international and multinational clients, plus a myriad of high-class Architectural Offices, as well as Engineering, Construction, Interior Design, and Building Companies – both in the US & abroad.

Client Portfolio Highlights (alphabetical order):

USA – Comfort Inn, Creative Designers Associates, Envirotechno, Lexus, Nissan, Marriott, The Trump Organization, The Hollywood Hall of Fame, Urth’s Caffe.

Brazil & Multinational – Andrade Gutierrez, Brembo, Gafisa, Gustavo Pena & Associados, McDonald’s, MRV Engenharia, Odebrecht, Oscar Ferreira Arquitetura, Patrimar, Santa Barbara, Souza Cruz, Vale



We are located in Buda, TX, in the Great Austin Metropolitan Area.

Email Contact: contact@METAUREUS.com

Phone Contact:
Toll-Free: 1 (855) 700-3007
Cell: 1 (512) 731-5363

Our Services*
*To Serve: To be in the service of; Work for. To be useful or of service to; Help. To go through (a process).

Our scope of services includes a gamma of 3D & XR (VR, AR, MR) Presentations, that can be presented, marketed, and sold through various channels – from physical, to online & virtual.

Please check our PORTFOLIO section for more ‘illustrative’ info.



Our exclusive & innovative META IMMERSION® Presentation Technology allows users/clients to interact & navigate through projects in real-time freely, choosing among different materials, lighting, appliances, fixtures, furniture, decorations, and colors in the scenes – both outdoor & indoor.

3D Renderings

3D Renderings

Our artistic & precise 3D Renderings & Illustrations are the perfect ‘Digital Twins’ of how Architectural, Interior Design & Engineering Projects, as well as all kinds of Real Estate Developments, will look in real life after being built.

That’s why our motto is ‘WE BUILD BEFORE YOU BUILD ®

3D Animations

3D Animations

Our Non-Interactive (‘Passive’) 3D Animations (also known as Walk-Throughs & Fly-Troughs) are delivered through Video Channels.

These Videos can be used either online (Websites, Social media), or Offline (PowerPoint Presentations, Portable Storage, Digital Kiosks)

META 360®

META 360®

Our exclusive & innovative  META 360® Presentation Technology is an evolution of conventional CG (Computer Graphics) 360° Panoramas (which we also provide), where users/clients can interact with projects in real-time, choosing among different materials, lighting, appliances, fixtures, furniture, decorations, and colors in the scenes – both outdoor & indoor.

What We Do

We at METAUREUS, together with our partners, strive to provide high-quality 3D & XR presentations that can “mirror reality as it is”, delivering unforgettable experiences, impactful visualizations, and ‘minds’ eye’ insights to still ‘non-existent’ buildings and environments – both indoors and outdoors.

As part of the information gathering phase from our clients, we can make use of Architectural Drawings, pre-built 3D Models, and photos to create highly realistic 3D scenes & ‘digital twins’.

This is why our motto is ” WE BUILD BEFORE YOU BUILD®

Our work has great attention to quality, aesthetics, technical precision, and detail.
We make use of the most advanced visual and interactive technologies available nowadays to create our presentations in various channels.

Plus, our team is very friendly and client-centered, aiming to provide the best customer service to our clients, partners, and providers.

Residential Development 8

Example of 3D Renderings (Image Stills) made by one of our partners for a Luxury Residential Development in Brazil.

Many other similar Real Estate Developments can be found on our PORTFOLIO Page

(The ‘Golden Rule’ Manifestation)


  • METAUREUS – Member of Austin Chamber of Commerce

    METAUREUS – Member of Buda Chamber of Commerce

    METAUREUS – Winner Buda EDC Grant Award 2022-2023

    METAUREUS – Winner Stellar Business Award & Recognition 2024
    Best Marketing, Construction, XR
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    METAUREUS – Member of Metaverse Standards Forum (since 2022)
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    METAUREUS welcomes the year of 2024 AD! (Year of the Wood Dragon)