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1. More comprehensive or transcending; 2. Denoting something of a higher kind; 3. situated behind or beyond

1. Latin-based word, literally golden, from aurum gold;
2. Symbolizing the “golden ratio” (divine proportion), or “golden number“- a natural number or pattern that can be found all over nature, both above (macro cosmos) and below (microcosmos).
In other words, a term  that can “Mirror the Structure of Reality”

Experience – Quality Reliability – Professionalism

METAUREUS ® has 28+ years of experience in the fields of 3D & VR Hyper-Realistic, Top-Tier Presentations and ‘Digital Twins’

Presentations in Many Ways, Channels, and Quality Levels:

Digital Twins (exact replicas of 3D Buildings & Environments)
3D Imagery (Renderings)
3D ‘Non-Interactive’ Animations (Walk-Throughs, Fly-Throughs)
 3D 360° Panoramas with Interactive Materials’ Customization
Virtual Reality (VR Glasses)Meta Oculus Quest Pro

3D & VR Interactive KEY-OSKS®* (Gaming-like Walk Throughs & Fly Throughs – our most exclusive offering)

*We are proud to be releasing a novel & exclusive presentation device. A First in the Market!
KEY-OSKS®TheKEYto Sell Architectural/Engineering Projects & Real Estate Developments in Top-Tier, Hyper-Realistic 3D & VR Interactive Presentations*.

*Photo of Demo KEY-OSK®
KEY-OSKS® design, materials & sizes are customizable according to our client’s needs

Navigate & interact through your Real Estate Properties as if walking or flying through Video Games! (and not through relatively static 360-degree panoramas, or non-interactive animations)

*Our KEY-OSKS® Presentations include Interactive Menus for choosing Building Materials & Decorative Fixtures interactively in real-time, by using our proprietary Interactive Game-like Customization & Visualization.

Multi-Disciplinary Team (Professional Synergy)

Our company METAUREUS ® also counts on a multi-disciplinary team,
whose professional synergy has been a key to our continuous growth and success.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team is composed of seasoned Architects, 3D  Computer Graphic (CG) Designers, Professional Photographers, Video Producers, Drone Experts, Programmers, Marketing, and Advertisement Specialists.



METAUREUS has joined the META STANDARDS FORUM as a Principal Member.

The Meta Standards Forum is a place “where Leading Standards Organizations and Companies Cooperate to Foster Interoperability Standards for an Open Metaverse”


Recipient of Business Development Grant Award
Buda Economic Development Corp.


METAUREUS’ HQ is based in Buda, TX, USA (Great Austin, TX, Metropolitan Area)

Toll-Free Phone
1 (855) 700-3007
Mobile & SMS (Text Messages)
1 (512) 731-5363





HQ – Buda, Texas, USA (Great Austin Metropolitan Area, TX, USA)

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