We know nothing is perfect, but here at METAUREUS we do the best we can – in conjunction with our partners – to provide the best quality, aesthetics, precision, timely delivery, pricing, and, last but not least, a higher level of communication, customer service, and satisfaction to all of our clients.

Striving to reach 100% satisfaction in all these aspects of our work is our main purpose and aim.


METAUREUS is a 3D & XR (VR, AR, MR) Turnkey Agency specialized in providing full and complete solutions to present, market & sell Architectural, Interior Design, Engineering, and Real Estate Projects.

From Offline Presentation Channels (Banners, Posters, Outdoor Signs, PowerPoint, 3D Holograms, etc.), to Online & Virtual Channels (Websites, XR Glasses, Interactive Touch-Screen Displays (KEY-OSK®, etc.), we can deliver it all, saving our clients’ time, money, and potential stress.

We have firmed many solid partnerships, both in the US and abroad, by developing new presentation technologies – such as our exclusive & innovative META 360® & META IMMERSION®

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Residential Development 8

Example of 3D renderings (image stills), made by one of our partners, of a Luxury  Residential Development in Brazil.
Many other similar Real Estate Developments can be found on our PORTFOLIO Page.


Our Multi-Disciplinary Team is composed of seasoned Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators,
3D  Artists & Designers, XR (VR, AR) METAVERSE & AI Programmers, Computer Language Programmers, Professional Photography & Video Makers, Drone Pilots, GPS Location Experts, Psychologists, Business Consultants, Marketing, Sales, and Advertisement Specialists.

Moses Silbiger

Moses Silbiger

Senior Architect, Marketing & Sales Director

Moses Silbiger is a Senior Architect and former 3D CG Designer for 16+ years through his companies 3D2go! and Integral Look, both in Brazil and in the US.

In 2022, Moses founded METAUREUS, a 3D + XR (AR & VR) Turnkey Agency specialized in innovative, high quality & cutting edge Marketing Presentations for Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design, and Real Estate Developments -
working with different Partners and Providers in the US and abroad.

At METAUREUS, he works as Marketing & Sales Director, as well as Creative Director - acting as an director, agent and liaison with selected teams of Artists, Designers, Tech Experts, and Programmers.

After a bold career gap to pursue a personal dream. when he got an MA and worked as a Consultant for a Top 20 Fortune 500 Company, Moses decided to go back to his original field of expertise bringing a new set of tools and skill sets.

So, in tune with the advent & rise of the METAVERSE (and OMNIVERSE), in 2022 he decided to create the company METAUREUS, drawing back from his previous expertise and contacts in the fields of Tech, CG, and Architecture.
During his career as a CG Designer from 1992 to approx. 2007, Moses has served a great number of renowned international and multinational clients.

Connect with Moses via Linkedin and see his full professional profile

Catherine Weber Silbiger Nature Bamboo

Catherine Weber-Silbiger (Kuty)

Senior Project Manager, Consultant, Marketing & Sales Specialist

Catherine Weber-Silbiger is a Senior Project Manager, Consultant, and a Marketing & Sales Assistant.

Catherine has an extensive experience in Project Management in the Building & Construction industry.

She brings her 'inner lightness', freshness, grounding, and a complementary 'female touch' into our (mostly male oriented) company's direction and decision-making.

Further, Catherine also occasionally assists with the Marketing & Sales Department, as well as takes good care of our little company's mascot, Bamboo. 🙂

Thiago photo low res

Thiago Brenner

Architect & 3D Designer

Thiago Brenner is an Architect and Urbanist, graduated in 2019 with a postgraduate degree in Project and Field Management.

He is a specialist in Photorealistic Rendering for Architecture, with a post-graduation in 3D Architectural Visualization.

His work has a great aesthetic sense and provides an exquisite realistic & photographic look at the physical spaces that one wishes to present - giving life to the still unbuilt, so that clients can objectively see and understand their project proposals.

Together with Visualize Company, Thiago has contributed with the creation of the 3D modeling and rendering of our META IMMERSIVE® KEY-OSK.

Visualize Company LOGO

Visualize Company

3D Rendering Studio

Our partner Visualize Company is composed by a highly qualified team of Architects, Interior Designers, and 3D Artists/Designers.

During its relatively new but intense and successful trajectory, Visualize Company has served hundreds of renowned clients, by creating thousands of image renderings, 3D animations, and 360-degree panoramas.

Wizzia logo site


3D Rendering & XR (VR, AR, MR) Studio

Our partner Wizzia is composed by a highly qualified team of Architects, Interior Designers, 3D Artists/Designers, XR (VR, AR, MR) and AI Programmers, Computer language Programmers, UI (User Interface) Designers, and Marketing & Sales Specialists.

During its new but intense and significant trajectory, Wizzia has served dozens of renowned clients, by creating hundreds of 3D renderings, 3D ('passive') Animations (Walk-Throughs & Fly-Throughs), conventional 360° CG (Computer Graphics) Panoramas, and an innovative set of products, composed by Online Interactive & Dynamic 360° Panoramas (aka META 360®) and Fully Immersive AAA Video Game-like Walk-Throughs. presented in XR (VR, AR, MR) + KEY-OSKS® (aka META IMMERSIVE®)

Alvaro Neto

Alvaro Neto

CEO Wizzia, iLAbZ, Raise Co-Partner METAUREUS

Álvaro Neto is an entrepreneur passionate about innovation and technology, at 27 years old.

He is currently enrolled at TUDelft University (Netherlands) @ sector: QuTech, towards acquiring a certification oriented to
Architecture, Algorithms, and Protocols of a Quantum Computer and Quantum Internet.
He has also srtudied at MITx and Harvard Online programs related to AI & Tech.

Three years ago, He founded the gaming company Raise, where he is still involved in developing interactive and engaging experiences.

Recently, he also founded the innovation lab iLabZ and was one of the founding partners of the 3D rendering studio Wizzia.

Throughout his career, Alvaro led various projects exploring areas like Artificial Intelligence, Metaverses, and Quantum Computing, always aiming to push the boundaries of knowledge and create impactful solutions for the future.

He's passionate about discovering and exploring new paths that surpass current technological barriers, which is why he often finds myself immersed in projects centered around innovation and the development of solutions in emerging technologies.

Alvaro guides his career with the aim of continually improving each day, executing tasks with discipline and passion, and pursuing goals with a thirst for achievement.

He is constantly curious, always looking ahead to identify opportunities that few others might recognize.


Open to New Partners

AI Programming

Open to New Partners

Quantum Computing



We transform ideas and projects into photorealistic scenes with great aesthetic and technological appeal, building projects fully detailed and decorated in virtual reality before they are built in the real world.
In this way, Architectural, Interior Design & Real Estate Developments can be presented with much more flexibility and in a great variety of ways.

Building a “Digital Twin” can help projects to be presented, marketed, and sold at a much less cost and in much less time than other conventional approaches.

Information Gathering

Information Gathering

In this phase, we gather all information needed to build the 3D Model or “Digital Twin”. That includes architectural drawings, photos and samples of materials, fixtures, and appliances, and even basic 3D Models already built by our clients, which we would do our best to make realistic.

3D Modeling & Texturing

3D Modeling & Texturing

This phase is literally a “virtual construction”. We will build the 3D Models or “Digital Twins” according to the architectural plans, apply all the building materials (texturize them) previously gathered, and prepare the viewing angles and illumination of the scenes.

Populating & Decorating

Populating & Decorating

In this phase, we apply a “virtual decoration” to the rooms, using furniture and decoration items chosen by our clients, or from our extensive library. We also populate the scenes with people, plants, and vegetation.

Output Presentation Channels

Output Presentation Channels

One or more channels can be chosen, making use of the same 3D Model or “Digital Twin”. They can be exported in image stills  (3D Renderings), interactive panoramic views from fixed points (360-Degree Panoramas), non-interactive walk-throughs (Animations), and fully interactive walk-throughs, where users can freely navigate through the projects like in a video game and chose different building materials, fixtures, colors, and appliances (KEY-OSK).

Presentation, Marketing & Sales

Presentation, Marketing & Sales

Once one or more presentation channels are chosen, they can be used in online, offline, and on-site marketing and sales campaigns. The great advantage of this process is the capacity to generate different outputs from the same 3D Model, which can enrich the marketing campaigns and facilitate the presentation and sales process.