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Experience – Quality Reliability – Professionalism

Our company METAUREUS ® has 28+ years of experience in the fields of3D & VR Hyper-Realistic, Top-Tier Presentations and ‘Digital Twins’

We are now entering a new phase by venturing into the emerging world of Interactive Virtual Reality (VR) Presentations (such as the Omniverse & Metaverse), bringing our extensive international background,  quality, control, and experience into this rapidly emerging field.

Because we are sure that “there is no way back” for the massive implementation and use
of this new Artistic Technology around the world.

Even if some people might still be a bit uncertain, resistant, or “suspicious” about this new technology (a trend that has historically happened with many new disruptive technological innovations such as the advent of the TV, Cinema, and even the Internet in the mid-90s), we are certain that the VR world (Web 3.0) and its “Digital Twins”  will take the areas of Architecture, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales in a whirlwind – like the Internet (Web 1.0 & Web 2.0) has been to these areas in the past decades. This new technological trend has been also called as The Fourth Industrial Revolution“.

According to the billions of dollars that have been already invested in this field by Big and powerful Tech companies and the exponential growth of computers’ capacity of handling data & 3D Graphics, we believe this change will be fully set up in the online market (like the Internet and websites are already set today) from now to 5 years, maybe 10 years max.

Being a seasoned player in this field for almost 3 decades, we also believe that the importance and relevance of this newly unfolding Interactive Virtual Reality world are for the Internet today as”websites” were for the Internet of the mid-90s.

In the very near future, we believe most companies, organizations, institutions, stores, and venues are going to need to have a 3D virtual representation of themselves – aka “Digital Twin” (like they needed to have after the massive implementation and use of the Internet in the mid-90s).

The coming of this new trend in Web 3.0 is already on the horizon. Even if it has been going through “birthing and growing pains” during the process of user acceptance and massification (as it happened with the early years of the Internet, the 2000’s dot com crisis, etc.), similarly with the Internet phenomenon,  it came to stay.
There is no way to backtrack it, sabotage it, or “erase”  it from history anymore – especially with the speed of the exponential evolution of technology and AI nowadays, and new demands for more tridimensional and realistic user interfaces.

In these three-dimensional worlds, clients, customers, guests, and users are able to walk (or fly) around their “3D Interactive Websites“, and fully interact with both virtual and real agents, representatives, other people, the environment, and objects.

We believe that whoever doesn’t come up to speed soon to join this trend, will have come a bit late into this new “human reality” and hence might not be able to fully make the best out of this new technological/cultural/societal development, both now and in the years to come.

Indeed, we are here to take your hand and help you to navigate these“new tech waters”, by supporting our clients to be fully present and active in this new 3D virtual Reality Interactive World.

How to do it?
The 3D presence of companies & organizations in the unfolding Web 3.0 could be either by acting as a full 3D Entity, being present in Web 3.0 as a “3D Interactive Website“, or by acting as 2D (aka keeping their “regular” websites) and presenting/selling products & services to their customers/clients by using this novel immersive 3D VR Interactive (or “Non-Interactive”) tech.

Presentations in Many Ways, Channels, and Quality Levels:

Digital Twins (exact replicas of 3D Buildings & Environments)
3D Imagery (Renderings)
3D ‘Non-Interactive’ Animations (Walk-Throughs, Fly-Throughs)
 3D 360° Panoramas with Interactive Materials’ Customization
Virtual Reality (VR Glasses)Meta Oculus Quest Pro

3D & VR Interactive KEY-OSKS®* (Gaming-like Walk Throughs & Fly Throughs – our most exclusive offering)

*We are proud to be releasing a novel & exclusive presentation device. A First in the Market!
KEY-OSKS® TheKEYto Sell Architectural/Engineering Projects & Real Estate Developments in Top-Tier, Hyper-Realistic Realistic 3D & VR Interactive Presentations*.

*Photo of Demo KEY-OSK®
KEY-OSKS® design, materials & sizes are customizable according to our client’s needs

Navigate & interact through your Real Estate Properties as if walking or flying through Video Games! (and not through relatively static 360-degree panoramas, or non-interactive animations)

*Our KEY-OSKS® Presentations include Interactive Menus for choosing Building Materials & Decorative Fixtures interactively in real-time, by using our proprietary Interactive Game-like Customization & Visualization.

Multi-Platform (Focused on the Present, Envisioning the Future)

At METAUREUS®, we are also currently working on the migration and integration of our 3D & VR Presentations into emerging new Virtual Reality World techs such as NVidia’s Omniverse Multi-Platform and Facebook/Meta’s (Horizon) Metaverse.

As part of keeping up top date with our rapidly emerging trend, we are also keeping an eye on other parallel/complementary emerging VR systems, such as the ones being already developed by different technology and gaming companies like Microsoft (Activision Blizzard-VR* games World of Warcraft  & Minecraft), EPIC (VR game Fortnite), Roblox, Niantic, (AR* game Pokemon Go), Qualcomm, Apple, Google, etc.

VR =Virtual Reality: A computer simulation of a real or imaginary system that enables a user to perform operations on the simulated system and shows the effects in real time.

AR* = Augmented Reality: The merging of a view of the real-world environment upon a digital image in real time

*Image of Augmented Reality (AR):
Seeing 3D objects in real-time superimposed on videos where they still don’t exist in the physical universe

Follow below a few third-party videos that we strongly recommend our current clients (and future ones) to watch in full, so they can get more knowledgeable and up to speed with what has been called the Next Step” or “Evolution of the internet(aka Web 3.0).

As a seasoned 3D & VR Studio Company, we have been exploring and working on the leading edge of these Computer Graphics (CG), Virtual Reality (VR) & Virtual Simulations, by using and developing our 3D models and presentations in parallel and “remote collaboration” with the major players in the interdependent & complementary fields of  Technology +Marketing + Commerce + Art, which truly represent the unfolding future of the Web 3.0 for both now, and the years to come. 

Educative Videos
(because keeping up with a new & rapidly emerging reality requires an influx of new knowledge & updates)

Educative Video #1 (26 sec) – “NVIDIA Omniverse for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction**
(by NVIDIA, Dec 2020)

* Note: At this moment, N’VIDIA’s Omniverse has been leading the Virtual Reality World tech in terms of Hyper-Realism and ways to make presentations with a better level of quality and realism.

Educative Video #2
(2min 8 sec) – “NVIDIA Studio | Accelerated Architectural Workflows with NVIDIA Omniverse for Creators
(by NVIDIA Studio, Jan 2022)

Educative Video #3 (1min) – “NVIDIA Omniverse for Creators | A New Way to Connect and Collaborate**
(by NVIDIA Omniverse, Jan 2022)

Educative Video #4
(10m 42sec) –“These Architects are Building the Metaverse”*
(by Tomorrow’s Build, Mar. 2022)

*Note: At this moment, Facebook/Meta’s Metaverse (Horizon) tech has been still “lagging” in the Virtual Reality World Tech in terms of being able to reach the Hyper-Realism our company is able to provide, and hence presentations through this channel still can’t show a better level of quality and realism already available in the market.

Educative Video #5 (20m 09sec) – NVIDIA Omniverse vs Facebook Metaverse (Watch the reveals)”*
(by CSNET Highlights, Nov 2021)
* – (by Tomorrow’s Build, Mar. 2022)

Educative Video #6 (9m 58sec) – “How To Move Your Business Into The Metaverse”* (by Alux.com, Jan. 2022)* –
(by Alux.com, Jan 2022)

*Note: Highlights from video:

“The Business World is all about adapting to changes.

If you want to stay on top, you’ll have to move to the Metaverse.
Otherwise, you’ll risk falling behind”.

“The path of success in this increasingly vivid world is already possible”.

“NVIDIA’s new USD language especially tailored for Computer Graphics is the HTML of 3D”.

“Fidelity Visualization”.

“Building & visualizing through Art”

“The Virtual Reality World is rapidly emerging with the Web 3.0”

“We build experiences, Life Experiences (NVIDIA)”


Educative Video #7 (19m 58sec) – The Metaverse Begins: NVIDIA Omniverse and a Future of Shared Worlds”*
(by NVIDIA, Jun. 2021)*

Educative Video #8 (20m 14sec) – “A New Era of Digital Twins and Virtual Worlds with NVIDIA Omniverse”* | Computex 2022* –
(by NVIDIA, May 2022)

Multi-Disciplinary Team (Professional Synergy)

Our company METAUREUS ® also counts on a multi-disciplinary team,
whose professional synergy has been a key to our continuous growth and success.


Our Multi-Disciplinary Team is composed of seasoned Architects, 3D  Computer Graphic (CG) Designers, Professional Photographers, Video Producers, Drone Experts, Programmers, Marketing, and Advertisement Specialists.

METAUREUS’ HQ is based in Buda, TX, USA (Great Austin, TX, Metropolitan Area)


METAUREUS has joined the META STANDARDS FORUM as a Principal Member.

The Meta Standards Forum is a place “where Leading Standards Organizations and Companies Cooperate to Foster Interoperability Standards for an Open Metaverse”


Recipient of Business Development Grant Award
Buda Economic Development Corp.

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Email contact@METAUREUS.com



HQ – Buda, Texas, USA (Great Austin Metropolitan Area, TX, USA)
Branch – Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

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