Presenting META 36O®:
An Innovative Dynamic & Interactive 360° Panorama Presentation Product – Fully Online*

* This is a Video Presentation of an Intercative META 36O® in action!

Introducing the revolutionary META 36O®! With its cutting-edge technology and innovative design, META 36O® is set to revolutionize the industry. Experience unparalleled performance and efficiency like never before. Get your hands on META 36O® today and take your business to new heights!

META 36O® – A new era of 360° Computer Graphics Presentations

Walk-Through of a Modern House, where users/clients can navigate through different rooms and environments of a house through Dynamic & Interactive 360° Panoramas, and interact with several house elements, such as:
Floor & wall materials, kitchen cabinets, tiles, appliances, electrical devices, moldings (floor, ceiling), ceiling types, fixtures (handles, ceiling fans), plus lighting (sun positions, artificial lights), furniture substitutions, general decoration, etc.

Presentations channels: Big Interactive 55″ Screens (KEY-OSKS®), and online.

PS: Our v. 2.0 of the META 360 product is currently in development, including improvement of UI (User Interface) and addition of extra features.

Follow below the V 1.0 of the product, being navigated through a keyboard. It shows a previous UI (User Interface), and only presents a few of the v. 2.0 features described above.



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