*Photo of a Demo KEY-OSK®
KEY-OSKS® design, materials & sizes are customizable according to our client’s needs

METAUREUS’ Expo Booth at Austin Build Expo in 2023.

KEY-OSK Presentation of META IMMERSION® Fully Interactive Product*

* This is a Video Presentation of an Interactive META IMMERSION® in action!

The Video below presents an Interactive Walk-Through of an American House.
META IMMERSION® allows users to explore the house like they would in a high-quality video game.
Users can interact with various elements of the house, including floor and wall materials, kitchen cabinets, tiles, appliances, electrical devices, moldings (floor and ceiling), types of ceilings, fixtures (handles and ceiling fans), as well as lighting options (natural sunlight variations and artificial lights). Additionally, users can make furniture substitutions and experiment with general decoration.

The presentation channels for this product include XR (VR and AR) technology, big interactive 55″ screens (KEY-OSKS), and an upcoming web version.

P.S.: We are currently developing version 2.0 of our META IMMERSION® presentation product, which will feature an improved User Interface (UI) and additional exciting features.

Below, you can watch a video showcasing version 1.0 of our META IMMERSIVE® presentation product being navigated using a keyboard.
Please keep in mind that the video demonstrates a previous version of the UI and only highlights a few of the META IMMERSION® v. 2.0 features mentioned above.

Presentations channels: XR (VR & AR), Big Interactive 55″ Screens (KEY-OSK®), and online via web (upcoming).

PS: Our v. 2.0 of the META IMMERSION® presentation product is currently in development, including improvement of UI (User Interface) and addition of extra features.

Follow below a video of the V 1.0 of our META IMMERSION® presentation product, being navigated through a keyboard.
It shows a previous UI (User Interface), and only presents a few of the upcoming META IMMERSIVE® v. 2.0 features described above.

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