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Experience - Quality - Reliability

Our company METAUREUS ® has 28+ years of experience in the fields of 3D & VR Hyper-Realistic, Top-Tier Presentations. We are now entering a new phase by venturing into the emerging world of Interactive Virtual Reality (VR) Presentations (such as the Omniverse & Metaverse), bringing our extensive international background, quality, control, and experience into this rapidly emerging field.


Our Very Pleased Clients

Some of our main clients served throughout our 28+years of experience with 3D & VR Presentations (list in alphabetical order): AOL, Comfort Inn, Hadi Simaan Archietcture, Lexus, LG, Marriott, McDonalds, MRV (brazil), Nissan, Odebrecht (Brazil), Time Warner, Teksid (Brasil), The Trump Organization, Vale (Brazil), etc.

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Multi-Disciplinary Team

Leadership Team - METAUREUS® is composed of a partnership between Integral Look from Moses Silbiger (formerly known as 3D2go! & Moses Silbiger & Associates), and the CG Artist Christian Miranda. METAUREUS® also counts on a Multi-Disciplinary Team, whose professional synergy has been a key to our continuous growth and success. Our Team is composed of seasoned Architects, 3D Computer Graphic (CG) Designers, Professional Photographers, Video Producers, Drone Experts, Programmers, Marketing, and Advertisement Specialists.


Portfolio Categories

❶ KEY-OSKS® (Interactive Game-Like Kiosks) ❷ 3D Interiors (New Tech) ❸ 3D Exteriors (New Tech) ❹ Floor Plans (New tech) ❺ 3D Non-Interactive Animations - Hyper Realistic Interiors & Exteriors (New Tech) ❻ 360-Degree Interactive Panoramas (Older tech) ❼ Isometric Perspectives (New Tech) ❽ 3D Products & Objects (New tech) ❾ 3D Photocompositions ❿ 3D Interiors (Older Tech) *** 3D Exteriors (Older Tech), 3D Non-Interactive Animations - Realistic Interiors & Exteriors (Older Tech) ❿ 3D Funrniture & Design (Older Tech) ⓫ 3D Non-Interactive Animations - Conceptual Volumetry Architectural Studies (Older Tech)


your Real Estate PROJECT? 

We’re here to help you…

We build Hyper-Real 3D Models, where

clients can FULLY IMMERSE, MOVE &

INTERACT, like in Action Video Games!

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What We Do

Our company METAUREUS® has 28+ years of experience in the fields of
3D & VR Hyper-Realistic, Top-Tier Presentations and ‘Digital Twins’

3D Images-Internal (New Tech)

3D Non-Interactive Animations (New Tech)

3D Images-External (New Tech)

3D 360-Degree Panoramas
(Older Tech)

3D Photocompositions
(New Tech)

KEY-OSKS® ( Exclusive, Novel Tech – New Launch! )
Interactive Gaming-Like Kiosks

METAUREUS has joined the META STANDARDS FORUM as a Principal Member.

The Meta Standards Forum is a place “where Leading Standards Organizations and Companies Cooperate to Foster Interoperability Standards for an Open Metaverse


Recipient of Business Development Grant Award
Buda Economic Development Corp.


Toll-Free Phone
1 (855) 700-3007
Mobile & SMS (Text Messages)
1 (512) 731-5363

Email contact@METAUREUS.com



HQ – Buda, Texas, USA (Great Austin Metropolitan Area, TX, USA)

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